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Aspire to Inspire...

A positive working environment is crucial - if the vibe is right then the team will work together naturally and happily to turn out their best work. My role as creative director is to embody this feeling and help to spread it across every area of the organisation - empowering people to collaborate effectively, create fearlessly and love their jobs on a daily basis!

Spirit & Drive...

I’m a hands-on, design-driven, creative director who conceives & crafts visually rich, story-led communications and experiences for modern brands and organisations.

Hard-working, meticulous and motivated, my role is to deliver stronger, more effective communications for the team and our clients on equal measure.

Working closely with my clients to build and strenghten connections that resonate with real emotion and honesty.

Work Life...

I’ve directed and overseen the production of global campaigns for high profile brands, worked as a creative consultant with smaller independent organisations and more recently have worked to promote of positive local initiatives who may need direction and support. 

As an independent designer, illustrator and motion director I’ve designed films, conceived and created brand ID and branded design systems, produced online games, animated commercials, launched a street brand and designed over 600 characters for clients and brands around the globe. 

As a director of my own independent creative consultancy I’ve got a wide ranging set of transferrable skills and experiences which guide me, my teams and my clients on a daily basis. 

I’m poised to see where my experience will take me next!... WTS


  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Digital
  • Illustration
  • Art Direction
  • Content
  • Film and Animation
  • Character Design
  • Social

Agencies and Brands :

PYKY Studio / R & D 

Conceive  /  Develop  /  Collaborate  /  Promote   

Mission  -  Inspire & promote fresh action in the community.



Career :

SM Ltd.

Creative Director  /  Consultant  /  Communicator

( 2011 - 2019 )


Senior Art Director  /  Director of Motion
( 2009 - 2011 ) 

Wunderman - Tonic - AllOfUs - Dare  

 Senior Art Director  /  Motion Designer  /  Illustrator

Freelance  - ( 2003 - 2009 )

Random Media

 Senior Designer  /  Motion Design  /  Illustrator 
( 2001 - 2003 )


 Senior Digital Designer / Flash Animator / Illustrator 
2000 - 2001 )


Digital Art Director / Flash Designer / Illustrator

1998 - 2000 )

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