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I’m Stevo...

Design-led art director and content maker who crafts and delivers visually rich, story-led communications, design and experiences for good folk!

Aspire to Inspire...

Good vibes in the workplace is my bag - Fostering a culture that encourges positive actions makes good sense.  Mutual respect empowers people to collaborate effectively, create fearlessly and love their jobs more.


Working within specialised digital and integrated SME’s since early in my career, I’m seasoned on the nuances of client relationships, internal communications, process, ideation & design delivery. 

Love The Craft - Collaboration, shared respect and beliefs always bring new & exciting experiences to the studio floor. I’m hugely driven by the sparks of creativity that fly as we take a project through the delivery process.

As an animation director, commercial illustrator and graphic designer I’ve made many films, conceived and created brand ID’s for clients big and small, have designed and written storylines for games, animated commercials, conceived and launched 2 street brands and have also created 100’s of characters for brands and businesses the world over! 

If you want to work with me I’d love to hear from you -

Please call 07949163328 or email and I’ll come and meet you for a coffee.




PYKY Studio / R & D

I also run graphic ideas company PYKYSTUDIO with a focus on creating vibrant graphics and animations to promote positive vibes for clients and the public at large. Some work on here becomes client fodder whilst other work runs free to do as it pleases.

A recent job that did see the light of day was for a brandless campaign created by the wonderful people at IfNotNowDigital Goal : Entice 18-30yr olds to register to vote ahead of the general elections 2019 - see the project here! :) 

Areas of Expertise...  

  • Project Management
  • Creative Strategy
  • Branding
  • Digital Design
  • Illustration
  • Art Direction
  • Social Content Creation
  • Film and Animation
  • Character Design
  • Service Design

Some agencies and brands :

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