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Brandless Campaign to get 18-30 yr olds 
registered to vote for the 2019 UK General Elections

IfNotNowDigital are digital activists campaigning to alert the world to the current climate & social inequalities crisis. Working as part of a crack team pulled together by The Comms Lab they were the marketing push behind a successful campaign to mobilise young people who care about climate issues to register to vote int he the 2019 UK General Elections.

Brandless campaigns like this one leave a space open for people to get creative in their own ways, helping to spread the message further and more effectively than other campaigns with a strict brand to adhere to.

Hashtags were created to help promote the campaign across social media platforms - #MakeClimateCount  #ItsOurTime 

My Idea - Design a bold block typface and use it to tell our audience to act. I conceived a bunch of campaign phrases and worked them into the style below - Incorporating a set of bespoke graphics - water rising / clock ticking  / eyes filling added impact with visual metaphors which I then animated to a snappy tempo which gave a feeling urgency to the final deliverables.

This font sits as a free reusable resource for the good folk who conceived and drove this inspiring campaign. If you are doing positive work of this kind and you’d like to collaborate get in touch If I can help I will :)

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