I worked with BT & SapientNitro recently to create this set of 4 short educational cartoons.

Our task was to devise a way to educate BT customers with regards to finding a balance between "Broadband Speed" and some of the lesser know internet pitfalls.

The 4 ideas we went with were based around the 4 biggest issues people come across whilst experiencing a below par internet service.

The Scenario:

We created 2 illustrated families living next to one other. The 'BT family' and the 'Non BT family'. We created & wrote 4 short scripts which exaggerated differences between the services they got from their broadband services and incorporated key messaging relative to each of the scripts.

The situations we put the characters in for each film mirror the frustrations we all feel when things simply "do not work!". We picked suitable family members for each idea and pitted them against each other.

- The son loses the fight in "Responsive Gaming"

- The family lose the Robot War Competition in "Multiple Users"

- The dad loses his pride in "Streaming TV"

- The dog loses out on his new kennel in "Smooth Browsing."

I conceived the stories and wrote the scripts with another writer before planning the action titles and animation with storyboards / animatics.

Here's the storyboards...

Here's the asset library I designed to be used in the films and the landing page we created for BT.com.

I worked closely with the client on the scripts to get the tone of voice and messaging consistent throughout the 4 executions.

Our designers took a steer from the overall look and feel for the films to build a landing page for the work which is now living on BT.com.

Clicking a video thumbnail embeds the chosen film from YouTube in place of the 4 thumbnails.

When it was all over the Creative Director on the account had this to say...

Ben Scott Robinson ( Global Creative Director for BT.com)

"I worked with Stephen twice at Sapient Nitro, where I was CD on the BT account. He was responsible for the creation and execution of a series of animated videos to support a major marketing push for BT that involved the conceptual creation of the campaign, all the way through to delivery of the final videos.

He was superlative in every department, as well as being a joy to work with. After a couple of hours he felt like an old friend, and yet was rigorous at reporting project outcomes, and raising potential issues in good time with the minimum of fuss. His creative ideas were first class, and his execution was flawless."