Client : BT
Role : Concept / Planning / Storyboarding / Scripting / Infographics / Animation Direction

Brief :
Conceive, plan, storyboard and created the graphical language for two animations that visually articulate two key benefits of the BT Hub 4:

• Smart dual-band technology
• New smart set-up

Key Messaging :
Hub 4 has simultaneous ‘dual band’ (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz) technology
▪ The two bands work together to select a channel with the least interference and congestion.
▪ The bands automatically switch as necessary to ensure the best connection.
throughout the home.
▪ USB dual-band dongle available for older devices.

Here's a selection of the Infographic Library I designed for the project.

All characters and graphics are in duotone colour except for the graphics for the 2 bands. (2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz) Using colour keeps the focus on which band is most responsive in each scenario which is the goal of each of the 3 animations.

Frame designs for x 4 animations...

More powerful at close range

Avoid congestion

Better connection for more people

The animation stills for Easy Setup...

The animated infographics sit on the "Broadband" Page of
Clicking the video thumbnail launches the animation in a lightbox format...