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Pegasus /
Buscopan Cramps

Brief :

Conceive and deliver a Digital Campaign concept to bring awareness to Buscopan Cramps and arouses interest in the brand and drives traffic their Business YouTube Channel

Plan :

IBS is obviously a sensitive topic to deal with - We were mindful that there would be restrictions for what we could and could not say - equally client expressed an eagerness to the develop an idea that were  

Delivery :

We developed x2 scripts with animation in mind that would fit timescales and budgetary restrictions - the client loved it 

The concept involved the creation of 2 short scripts about a Dude whose day gets unduely interupted by his IBS. Being careful to write supportive VO that reaffirmed the visual messaging we kept the action light and pacey  

Film 1  -  Listen To Your Stomach   
Film 2  -  Cause & Effect

The films smashed it  - 

960,000 YouTube LIKES! ︎ 
Brand Engagement UP - 42%


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