Cuervo / Re-Brand

Art Direction / Motion Direction

Brand ID refresh for Cuervo tequila using the brand positioning idea of 'The tequila from Tequila'.

We created and developed an integrated brand campaign and identity system inspired by the town of Tequila.

Modernise all existing brand assets and oversee the development of an illustrated identity system to use alongside photography and editorial for both branded content and non-campaign communications.

dialled up and down as per product

From here we conceived design systems incorporating photography, illustration and editorial, which when correctly implemented, resulted in each piece of material having a layout, look, colour palette and tone of voice bespoke to that product.
elines on how the illustration libraryshould sit with the new font desigand the photogr
The kit is being used in the brand film, across sponsored events and for Cuervo merchandising arounthe world.