Albion created this integrated ad campaign to help launch Giffgaff, the O2-backed community-run mobile phone network back in 2010.

The campaign included press and digital advertising, and focused on a caricature of "The Man", an anonymous figure who enjoys a lavish lifestyle.

Each execution lampoons "The Man" for his excessive behaviours, such as his frequenting of gentlemen's clubs and avoiding using public transport.

He is also criticised for his relentless quest for power and world domination.

Consumers are encouraged to "take back control" by joining giffgaff, a network that promises not to tie them down with "elaborate pricing or lengthy contracts."

For the digital work on the campaign, we created animations for a host of different formats...

- DEP ( Digital Escalator Panels )
- Transvision

We wanted the movement of the pixels to look like it was a living / growing organism so I animated their growth on the timeline frame to frame tweaking as I went, which gave us the most flexibility to make changes on the fly and keep the movement real.

Here's the full res transvision which aired for 2 weeks at Paddington and Liverpool Street Stations...

GIFFGAFF / The Man / JCD / Smoke from stephen moynihan on Vimeo.

And here's a medley of all the adds we produced with some nice music ;oP...

giffgaff - The Man from Albion London on Vimeo.