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Art Direction / Design Direction

As a reward to their members GiffGaff set us the task of conceiving an innovative way to return the love of their loyal following in a fun and engaging way. 

The Idea :

Make a bunch of crazy films and make the customers/ active users the stars of the shows!

The Approach :

Using active discussions from the GiffGaff online forum as a basic premise, we wrote stories around the discussions. Some embelishment was required to pimp the stories a bit in order to create the nail biting, edge of the seat narrative that the script crew patched together! ;oP Customer aliases were turned into characters which we used to act out the short scripts we’d conceived. 

We set ourselves SUPER tight deadlines for each stage of the production process so as to publish the fims whislt threads were still alive - plenty on late nights essentially but it was all in the best spirit! :) 

The reactions to the films were great! The community members loved the fact that we made "stars" out of the most prolific contributors. After the "The Shaw Thing" went live we had 100's or requests from GiffGaff members wanting to become the next GiffGaff 'weirdo' ! 

Some WELL strange creations were born off the back of the user names we chose.

Tend filmsere surprisingly satisactory... and perfectly Weird! The Fishy Fud

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