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Art Direction & Design

Gigalum in Clapham South London is a bar and restaurant best known for its legendary Sunday night dance parties! To mark their 10th anniversary they wanted a brand conteporary brand refresh, something that compliment both sides of the business offering - Restaurant & Club.

The Brief

Design a contemporary logo that captures the vibe of the bar and maintain the luxurious service and ‘high’times the brand worked hard to build. 

It was a challenge to find an logo that fit the balance between Nightclub & Restaurant. Working with speakers as motif leans too heavily towards the music and the party side.

We pushed the route of using a motif on it’s own and no text. The events manager felt that because Gigalum also curates and sponsors collarorative events that it was important to create a logo type   

For the final logo we agreed on the design below with the graphic equalizer as the motif.

The heights of the 8 equalizer pillars represent a night out at Gigalum - Getting ready through to passing out in the cab on the way home with a smile on your face :)

Good Music & Good Times!

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