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Art Direction & Design

Gigalum is now firmly established as one of the top DJ bars in South London and are best known for their legendary Sunday nights. The venue is now in it's 10th year and decided a brand refresh was on the cards.

The Brief:

Design a comtemporary logo that captures the vibe of the bar which maintains the luxurious service and high times the brand has worked hard to create. 

Below is a taste of some of the early ideas we had for the font and motifs. It was tricky finding the balance between what a Nightclub & Restaurant logo might look like. Working with speakers s a motif leans too heavily towards the music and the party side, which doesn't paint a full picture of what the venue is about.

We pushed the route of using a motif on it’s own and no text. The events manager felt that because Gigalum also curates and sponsors collarorative events that it was important to create a logo type   

For the final logo we agreed on the design below with the graphic equalizer as the motif.

The heights of the 8 equalizer pillars represent a night out at Gigalum - Getting ready through to passing out in the cab :)

Good Music & Good Times!

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