Art Direction & Design

Gigalum is now firmly established as one of the top DJ bars in South London and are best known for their legendary Sunday nights. The venue is now in it's 10th year and decided a brand refresh was on the cards.

The brief was straight forward : Create a comtemporary logo which suggested "Good Times" and which would stand the test of time for the business as they look to the future of event creation and management.

Below is a taste of some of the early ideas we had for the font and motifs. It was tricky finding the balance between what a Nightclub & Restaurant logo might look like. Working with speakers s a motif leans too heavily towards the music and the party side, which doesn't paint a full picture of what the venue is about.

In the end we made the decision to develop the equaliser as the motif. It best represents the ethos of the brand and was the standout concept for how the Manager wanted the venue to be perceived... Good Music & Good Times!