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- Brandless Campaign to get 18-30 yr olds 
registered to vote for the General Elections -

Brandless campaigns like this one leave a space open for people to get creative in their own ways, helping to spread the message further and more effectively than other campaigns with a strict brand to adhere to. Hashtags were created to help promote the campaign across social media platforms - #MakeClimateCount  #ItsOurTime

I was honoured to be a part of this campaign, delivering a bunch of concepts and visual stills over, we picked the 2 routes we felt had the most impact and I animated them in AE.

IfNotNowDigital are an awesome company doing really important work - go check their site for more info and subscribe to their newsletter so you too can contribute on the next campaign and sleep with a clearer conscience :)

My favourite contributions came from 2 awesome design companies -  http://workingprogress.studio/ and https://www.thisisrude.com/ 

Here’s the 2 executions I did...

And a bunch of other ideas I put together...

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