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Koh Phangan Tourist Board

Creative Direction / Design / Illustration

A great new project for Koh Phangan Info in Thailand and a briefing I would have liked to have taken in person believe me!

Create an identity system to use across the business' online and offline communications.


Design a map of the Island with the 14 most popular tourist destinations highlighted.

Create character designs of each of the 9 members of the KP Info team, in situations relevant to
their roles within the business.

Deliver finished artwork to be used for POS printing, merchandising and stationery.

Here's the team...

This is a closeup of Thong Nai Pan which is best known for being the "Bling" side of the island.

Working on the details of the map was challenging at times. Finding a balance between realistic representation for content such as roads, mountains and marrying it with my own " artistic impression" was food for many of our conversations in order to get the visual language correct. It is a tourist map after all and we don't want people getting lost trying to find the 'Full Moon Party' :oP

The map will also be downloadable from the new site so you'll be able to plan your route around this beautiful island long before you arrive.

Full map below...

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