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Overview :

The DevOps concept introduces a culture shift to businesses and organisations by adopting Agile principles, with a goal to deliver its products and services at a faster pace.

Idea :

Using the gamification model to explain this complicated subject by way of a super-engaging ‘8-BIT’arcade game was key - Incorporating a Q&A element throughout gameplay, enlightening and educating Lloyds Peeps’ as to basic principles of DevOps.

Scene :

Setting the scene for the project, the writers conceived a bunch of ‘real to life’ scenarios for our characters to play out through the course of their progression through the game. Using the results of insights into the business’ existing ‘ways of working’ we were able to highlight and address key pain points that DevOps hoped to  resolve. 

Gameplay :

Depending on the scene interaction for each level, the player makes decisions based on a few predefined answers in order to win a ‘Badge’ and progress to the next level.

By the time you have reached level 7 you have become a DevOps God’ and ve also learned the 7 basic principles of DevOps implimentation.

We created a bunch of characters to represent the teams of each of the departments. Visitng and chatting face to face gave a realness to the characters, so much so that we decided to base the designs on the actual people who worked there.


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