Client: Natwest

Ideation / Storyboarding / Design & Animation

Working with the team at NatWest I helped to bring LUVO ( AI Chatbot ) to life - A pioneering proposition
at the time, LUVO was one of the earliest attempts to introduce 24/7 banking to customers.

Whilst the Dev team worked on the prototype, the UI team and myself worked closely on the visual design
and Tone Of Voice. We needed the human interactions with the app to feel as believable as possible and
so we conceived stories that anyone could relate to.

Shaping a set of simple guildelines ensured continuity of the messaging both visually and
from a TOV perspective.

Visual - Imagery & Animation  / Script - Tone of Voice  Storylines – Human / Real / Customer Needs /  Motivation / Resolve had consistent structure and messaging that was recognisable for each script. Illustrated assets were carefully designed to enchane the UI which was a secondry tool for each of the
short experiences the users had with LUVO.

LUVO_IntlTransfers from stephen moynihan on Vimeo.