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Mash Staffing

Brand Development & Creative Direction

Back in October I was commissioned by Mash Marketing to create a library of illustrations to use across their branding for campaign and non-campaign related material.

People who works for Mash are known as "Mashers." My brief was to create a set of characters to represent the Mashers and a world for them to live in.

Mash felt that using illustration was the best device for explaining to investors, clients and their staff how the company trained and promoted their employees.

Once the illustrative style and characters were agreed on I worked with Phil ( the MD ) to develop stories about how they present the companies credentials.

We thrashed out the 8 core offerings of the business and conceived visual ideas / scenarios for each. From here we mapped out a user journey which I then illustrated.

The guys are currently in the throws of building their wonderful new website!

I've supplied them with a kit of assets and illustrations to enable them to safely manage and
instruct their development team.

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