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They recently got in touch to get my assistance with a campaign they were creating for Muslim Aid & Rainbow Family.

The Brief - Conceive and create a series of striking illustrated graphic to use a flexible asset library that would work alongside the photographic direction.

As the main output was a photography heavy brochure the challenge was find a way to balance it's weight against some character led assets in order to lighten the messaging. We could see that vibrant flat vector style would work best to strike a cord with the young teen audience.

We set about creating a set of characters based on profiles accumulated from case studies provided to us by the client. Once we had written personas for each of the kids we used them as a guide for the character design and tertiary assets that were required.

The Illustrated Asset Library includes -

- a set of iconography
- infographics
- 8 characters
- world map

The final graphics were used across online comms, POS and for the brochure which was distributed at schools and community centres around the UK.