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Creative Direction / Art Direction & Design

Recent piece with Sapient & Natwest to conceive a story-driven infographic, promoting core benefits of their new banking App.

The Brief :

  • Showcase the core benefits of the new App to both customers and in-branch staff in an easy to  understand way for both parties.

After surveying ‘real’ customer calls to the banks’ helpline, we were able to accumulate a short list of the top 10 reasons people called in - these became the requirements for the banking app

Solution :

We wrote a story about a day in the life of a young family, who through the course or a regular 24hrs, use the new service features in order to bank wherever and whenever they choose.

Delivery :

In the final poster we see the family members using the App either outside of banking hours or in those split second decision moments when customer service won’t help. 

The posters are being used by Natwest in Branch and across their office around the UK. 

Here's the look and feel I created for the piece…

We ended up with 2 different colour versions of the final map.

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