Client: Natwest
Role: Art Direction / Design / Illustration

I worked recently with team at SapientNitro to design and produce this poster for Natwest Bank to promote their new banking App.
The App features a host of unique services which until it's development were only accessible by phone or by visiting a branch of the bank.

The Brief :

The 2 main requirements of the brief...

1 ) Showcase the core benefits of the new App to both customers and in-branch staff

2 ) Reassure in-branch staff that the App would not threaten their jobs. There were noted concerns that customer footfall would decrease as a result of the Apps development.

Our Idea:

We wrote a story about a day in the life of a young family, who through the course or a regular day, use the new service features in order to bank wherever and whenever they choose.

- Mum pays the gas bill from bed first thing in the morning
- Dad checks his account on his way to work ( before opening hours )
- Mum checks the bank balance whilst out shopping with her daughter ( on the move )
- Dad uses the "Get Cash' service when he realises he's forgotten his wallet
- Dad makes money transfers whist relaxing on the couch after dinner. ( after opening hours )

Promoting the services of the App in situations where customers simply cannot get to a branch, reassures customers and staff alike. In-Branch staff realise that for the times they can't be there that the App can assist the customer.

The posters are being used in Branch to inform staff and customers about the many benefits of the new service.

Here's the look and feel I created for the piece…

We ended up with 2 different colour versions of the final map.