Prop Shaping Blueprint / Service Design / Art Direction

The Brief :

Conceive, Plan & Design a story driven infographic to be used as a guide to explain in detail, to process of
product creation at the studio.

The Concept :

Looking in detail at how Sapient create their products, we could see a clear correlation between their approach to product
creation and those of many other industries.

Where their process differed from most others however, and one of the early challenges we needed to solve, was that in the
world of digital product design, it is very often the case that the product, depending on how the development is progressing,
can move forward or back over the course of it's development and end up be refinement many times over.

So how do we visualise this - Using a 'board game' analogy would give us the ability to create a rich visual language
for what might in other ways be a tricky and complicated process to explain.

The Snakes and Ladders gameplay analogy worked perfectly for what we needed - products move back or forward
depending on how they fare on a dice throw - or in our case how they score through each stage of
the production process.

The final map- gives clarity on every aspect and area of the process and ho they should all ‘hopefully’
fit together. 

Character Lineup



Design Shaping

Final Chart