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Prop Shaping Blueprint - Design Director / Art Direction

The Brief :

Conceive, Plan & Produce a story driven infographic to be used as a guide to explain in detail, to process of product creation at the studio.

The Idea :

In the world of digital product creation, it’s quite normal for a prototype to move forward or back through the process of it’s creation, it’s rarely a linear process - in fact it’s more common for this to happen multiple times depending on the complexity of the idea or details the service needs to provide. 

So the question was - “How do we visualise this complicated process by way of a single graphic?”

We took this question to each department of the company to get the views of the people - what happens to ‘the product’ in you department? and “when does the product leave your departnet? and “ Do you every see the product again after it has left?”    

We took the results of this questionnaire and mapped this chart giving us a breakdown on the details for prop interaction with each department. 

Proposition Development Chart -

Character Lineup Delivery Refine
Design Shaping Final Chart


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