' Today’s brand experiences need to be frictionless and remarkable for your customers. Every element should engage, with each step of the customer journey supported across any channel through the power of your eCommerce platform.

Who your customers are, what they want, how they behave… all play back into the journey you create, and the technology and insight that shape it.

Salmon asked me to help them to visualise their vision of the future. We did this by creating a narrative, which takes the user on an insightful journey through time from present day to the future of eCommerce and beyond!

My task was to shape few stories out of a handful of pre-conceived scenarios and bring them to life through story-telling, illustration and animation.

The first task was to storyboard some scenarios to see how to fit the existing brand with the illustrative style.

Characters play a big part in the discussions with the shareholders so we had many discussions about demographics, personalities etc.

Some of the iconography designed for the films

A taste of the future / Characters travelling through time on cloud pods interacting with their new found channels on communication