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Digital Ad Campaign

The Brief :

Educate business travellers about the different ways Skype can be used to keep in touch.

The Idea :

Target business travellers by working with CNN to tie in current affairs programme ‘Connect The World’ - Using rich media interactive adds at the heart of the online broadcaster premium time slots

Friendly, educational messages, cut through the noise of CNN, spreading a simple and clear message to the viewer " Skype is much more than just free calls "

Creative Challenge : 

The creative challenge on this project was to try to re-create the feeling of the beautifully animated TV Idents, produced by Passion Picture, with the confines of a miniscule budget and 2 smiling flash designers! Oh...and all the ads neede to fall in under 100K each...Nice! 

Result :

6 SLICK interactive banners - Used across CNN digital communications and associated digital channels.



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