Client: Albion
Role: Senior Creative

"Vote with the back of your hand"

The Slapometer is a ‘watch along’ website that lets you ‘vote with the back of your hand’ by slapping along to the live televised 2010 election debates in the UK. It’s a way for people to express their opinion on the leaders’ performances during the debate, by virtually ‘slapping’ them when they say something particularly wrong. Live graphs show what everybody is feeling, in real time.

Worked with a small team of dedicated designers and developers to produce this ground breaking game!
Most of the production on the Slapometer was in our own time. It was a proper labour of love!

Hats off to Jon Plackett who conceived and developed it and Benny Heath who art directed and designed it.

Slapometer generated massive press for Albion and was featured on National and International news channels, both in the UK and around the world.

Albion - Slapometer from Albion London on Vimeo.

During the three debates, almost 5.5 million slaps were counted as people used the Slapometer to register their opinion on the leaders’ performances ‘live’.

Go on... they won't slap themselves!''!