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Global Viral Game - Generated Massive Press for Albion

A testament to collaborative passions and positive graft :)

Working with a small team of dedicated designers and developers we produced this ground breaking game... It was a pure labour of love that we made or fun in our own time! 

The game went viral hours after its launch. There wasn’t a punter out there who didn’t want to slap one or all of these mugs hard in the face! ha ;oP

Hitting  headlines and generating massive amouts of free press for Albion the game featured on National and International news channels around the world.

Production of the game was a cheap and cheerful event - Beer / Pizza / Tunes = Good Times 

We brought suits into the props room and shot all the action - Jason the MD as Brown, then yours truely playing Cameron and Benny Heath rocks the Clegg swerve. 

Once video was shot we masked out our heads and replaced them with found stock images of our 3 very slappable protagonists. Flash was the tool of choice as it gave us best flexibility to work Jons magic into the build.  

Our action were carefully choreographed obviously - slapping each others faces . Each character has a regular hit reaction and a second, swing punch swerver round reaction. We’d had plans incorporated a jab punch but unfortunately ran right out of time. 

During the three debates, almost 5.5 million slaps were counted as people used the Slapometer to register their opinion on the leaders’ performances ‘live’.

Albion - Slapometer from Albion London on Vimeo.

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